Bell, Beaupré - Engravings for Tabulae Augustae

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Beaupré Bell

Bell, Beaupré - Engravings for Tabulae Augustae
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TitleTitel of the book. Engravings for Tabulae Augustae
InstitutionName of Institution. Cambridge, Trinity College
InventoryInventory number. MS R.10.12
AuthorAuthor of the document. Beaupré Bell
Publication dateDate when the publication was issued: day - month - year .
PlacePlace of publication of the book, composition of the document or institution.
Associated personsNames of Persons who are mentioned in the annotation.
KeywordNumismatic Keywords  Engraved Plates , Illustrations , Roman , Roman Imperial
LiteratureReference to literature. James 1901-1904, no. 8551, Burnett 2020b, pp. 1657-9, 392 n. 942
LanguageLanguage of the correspondence
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Grand documentOriginal passage from the "Grand document".

'Prints from the coin engravings can be found stuck in among [Bell's] papers, and the fullest set is in Trinity College, MS R.10.12 = James 1901-1904, no. 855. It begins with a sort of visual catalogue of all the images that Bell had prepared, numbered and ranging in chronological order from Julius Caesar (4) to Mariniana (109): there is no sign of any later images and even the 109 have a number of gaps, there being engravings of only 70 of the relevant 109 persons.' (Burnett 2020b, p. 1657)


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