Bell, Beaupré - Notebook of Beaupré Bell

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Beaupré Bell

Bell, Beaupré - Notebook of Beaupré Bell
FINA IDUnique ID of the page  15416
TitleTitel of the book. Notebook of Beaupré Bell
InstitutionName of Institution. Cambridge, Trinity College
InventoryInventory number. MS R.3.4*
AuthorAuthor of the document. Beaupré Bell
Publication dateDate when the publication was issued: day - month - year .
PlacePlace of publication of the book, composition of the document or institution.
Associated personsNames of Persons who are mentioned in the annotation.
KeywordNumismatic Keywords  Notebook , Local Finds , Cambridgeshire , Welney , Elme
LiteratureReference to literature. James 1901-1904, no. 5841, Burnett 2020b, p. 391 n. 852
LanguageLanguage of the correspondence English
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Grand documentOriginal passage from the "Grand document".

Notebook of Beaupré Bell, including:

f.22 (item 8): Note of coins and altar found at Elme, discussed by Bell in a letter to Francis Blomefield, 27 December 1721
ff.41-3 (item 17): Note of coins found at Welney, discussed by Bell in a letter to Roger Gale, 14 January 1734


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