Mynors - Estes 1989

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monograph, Toronto; Buffalo; London

Mynors - Estes 1989
FINA IDUnique ID of the page  15166
AuthorAuthor of the document. R.A.B. Mynors, James M. Estes
TitleTitel of the book. The Correspondence of Erasmus, Vol. 9: Letters 1252-1355, 1522-1523
YearYear of the literature reference  1989
PlacePlace of publication of the book, composition of the document or institution. Toronto; Buffalo; London The following coordinate was not recognized: Geocoding failed.
TypeLiterature type (book, journal, etc.)  monograph
Associated personsNames of Persons who are mentioned in the annotation. Desiderius Erasmus
CitationCitation text of reference Erasmus (trans. R.A.B. Mynors; annotated by J.M. Estes)(1989) The Correspondence of Erasmus, Vol. 9: Letters 1252-1355, 1522-1523, Toronto, University of Toronto Press.
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KeywordNumismatic Keywords  Correspondence , Book Translation
LanguageLanguage of the correspondence English


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