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The FINA wiki is based on the assumption of English as base language, some translation work has been done with German and French as most relevant languages for the FINA Wiki.

There are some powerful features that can be used to further enhance multilinguality of the wiki.

User interface

Core interface language

In the User Preferences the language can be set. Default is English, but it can be set to any other language. The result is that the user interface is switched to the selected language as far as the standard interface dialogues and links are concerned.


The following items have to be manualle translated

Names of structural elements

Each property of a document has a separate page, e. g. Property:Author. Users with sufficient user rights can modify these pages. If you click on "edit", you can see the following structure relevant for translation:

* [[Has preferred property label::@@@]]
** [[Has preferred property label::Author@en]]
** [[Has preferred property label::Auteur@fr]]
** [[Has preferred property label::Autor@de]]
* [[Has property description::@@@]]
** [[Has property description::Author of the document.@en]]
** [[Has property description::Autor des Dokuments.@de]]

If you want to add a french translation of the property description for "author", you can simply add:

** [[Has property description::Auteur du document.@fr]]


Core Content

Translation of the actual content, i. e. wiki pages representing entries in the Grand document ist not a primary goal. E. g. the page Imperatorum_Romanorum_numismata_-_A.M.K.V.6 does not need to be represented in many languages, however the structural elements (e. g. Names of attributes) can be displayed in several languages.


The only content element that by default has a language reference are the "Remarks". The first goal is to specify the language of the remark and the second goal is to be able to translate remarks (or simply add further remarks in other languages).