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Abraham van Goorle - Jacob Cool - 1601-4-13

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Abraham van Goorle - Jacob Cool - 1601-4-13
FINA IDUnique ID of the page  444
InstitutionName of Institution. Leiden, Universiteitsbibliotheek
InventoryInventory number. MS BPL 2755, 325
AuthorAuthor of the document. Abraham van Goorle
RecipientRecipient of the correspondence. Jacob Cool
Correspondence dateDate when the correspondence was written: day - month - year . April 13, 1601
PlacePlace of publication of the book, composition of the document or institution. Delft 51° 59' 58.06" N, 4° 21' 45.79" E
Associated personsNames of Persons who are mentioned in the annotation. Levinus Hulsius
LiteratureReference to literature. Hessels 1887, letter no. 325, pp. 763-7641, Langereis 2002, p. 93 (with an illustration)2, Callataÿ 2017, p. 82, n° 33.3
KeywordNumismatic Keywords  price, collection, roman republican, greek, exchange
LanguageLanguage of the correspondence Dutch
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Grand documentOriginal passage from the "Grand document".

13 Apr. 1601 (from Delft): “Eersame besondere goetgunstighe Vrindt V. L. brieff vanden 20. Martis lestleden, heb ick ontfangen. Waerop ten goeder antwoort sal dienen, dat soo veel belanget de gouden medalien, vande welcke Levinus Hulsius aldaer soude een Lyste gelaten hebben, achte deselve over een wyl tytts gecocht, ende tot myne voorganede gevoecht te hebben, waer door het vervolgen der genighe ick van goude hebben tamleycken is versterct. Sulcx genighe ick my nu bevinde in gouden Imp. Pieces 500, Griecsche over de pieces 100, ende consulaires pieces 30. Makende tsamen pieces 630 gouden medalien, alle tsamen verscheyden van inscriptien, renversern &c. Welcke gehooren tot myne silveren medalien, waer van de Griecsche groot ende cleyn zyn over de neghen hondert, consulairen, pieces 1500. Ende Impp. Inde pieces 5000. Ende coperen over de pieces 2000, alle verscheyden als voren. Dergenige die ick dubblet hebbe van gout, ende te connen missen zyn over de pieces 230. Soo d’Heere Baron deselve begeeren, wil die wel tsamen derven. Dan den prys soude passeren het dubbelt gewichte van ‘t gout. Ende dewyl hy een Edelman heft hem des verstaende, soo can men desaenganede te beter handelen. Dan soude ten eersten wel bescheet begeeren, dewyl andere my oock daer van hebben geschreven. Ick kan oock yemanden gerieven met silveren ende coperen, die ick tweemael hebbe, videlicet ontrent pieces 3000. Onde de voorseyden gouden zyn Iul: Caes: Gaius ende Galba. Wanneer ick de dubbelde stamen quyt worded, conde V. L. in redelicheyt gerieft wordden. Hier bevorens heft V. L. my geschreven te hebben van coper een Marius, ende van silveren Mag. Max; ende Julianus. Mach ick daer mede geaccommodeert wesen, sal my seer aengenaem zyn, mits die betalende. De familien Consularien hier onder vermelt, soude ick wel begeeren, soo die aldaer te becommen waren. Hebbe etlyche derselven, dan zyn nyet genoechsaem near mynen sinne. Hiermede gegroet ende in schuts des almachtigen bevolen. Delft den xiij April, stilo novo” (annotated by Cool with the total of the numbers given by Goorle: “Abrahami Van Goorle 13260 medaglien”) (Leiden, Universiteitsbibliotheek Leiden: MS BPL 2755 ; Hessels 1877, letter no. 325, p. 763-764).

(English translation by Johan van Heesch): "Honourable and dear friend, I have received your kind letter of March 20. In reply I can say that on the matter of the gold medals, of which Levinus Hulsius is said to have left a list there, I must have bought these some while ago, and I added them to the ones I had, so I increased fairly considerably what I have in gold. In such a way that I now possess 500 imperials in gold, more than 100 Greek pieces, and 30 consular pieces, altogether 630 medals of gold, all with different inscriptions, reverses etc. Under my silver medals are, nine hundred Greek ones large and small, 1500 Consular pieces, and 5000 imperial pieces, as well as more than 2000 copper pieces, all different as before. Those duplicates that I have in gold, and could spare, are more than 230 pieces. So if the Lord Baron is interested in these, I am willing to do them away as a block. Then the price would exceed that of double the weight of the gold. And because he hath with him a gentleman who understands the matter, one can negotiate more easily. But I would like to have a swift decision, as others also wrote me about this. I can also help someone with [medals of] silver and copper, that I possess twice, videlicet about 3000 pieces. Among those are Iulius Caesar, Gaius and Galba. If I could get rid of the duplicates together, I could provide them for you at a reasonable price. Earlier you wrote me that you possess a copper of Marius, and a silver one of Mag. Max. and of Julianus. If I could be satisfied with these, this would please me well, and I will pay for them. The consular families mentioned below, I would very much like to obtain, if they should be available there. I have several of them, but they are not entirely to my satisfaction. I greet you and ask for your protection by the Almighty. Delft April 13 1601, stilo novo. Your dear and loyal friend A van Goorle

Alliena Apronia Caecina Cestia Cornuficia Fabrinia Gallia Horatia Itia Labiena Livia Minutia Numonia Oppia Statia Statilia Titinia

[added in a different hand: Cole’s according to Hessels:]

500 golden imp 100 golden Greeks 30 golden consular 900 Greek silver 1500 consular silver 5000 imperial silver 2000 imperial copper 230 duplicates of gold 3000 silver and copper duplicates Abrahami Van Goorle 13260 medals

[On the other side the letter is addressed to:]

Honorable sr. Jaques Coole merchant in Lymstreet in [??????] London"


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