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Charles Alexander of Lorraine

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Correspondence of Charles Alexander of Lorraine
Charles Alexander of Lorraine
FINA IDUnique ID of the page  430
First nameFirst name(s) of the person. Charles-Alexandre
Last nameLast name of the person. Lorraine
Also known asAlternative names.
WikidataIDWikidata ID
Birth dateBirth date: day - month - year. December 12, 1712
Birth placePlace of birth of the person Luneville 48° 35' 29.83" N, 6° 29' 31.06" E
Death dateDeath date: day - month - year. July 4, 1780
Death placePlace of death of the person Tervuren 50° 49' 27.08" N, 4° 30' 49.97" E
KeywordKeywords for the person Nobility, Collector, Prince
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Charles Alexander of Lorraine
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Secondary literatureYearYear of the literature reference TypeLiterature type (book, journal, etc.) TitleTitel of the book.
Ghesquière 17801781catalogueCatalogus numismatum nummorumque tum veterum, tum recentiorum, omnis generis et moduli, quos non minore sumptu, quam cura & delectu collegit Regius Princeps ac Dux Lotharigniae Carolus Alexander Austriaci Belgii supremus quondam gubernator
Cumont 18981898journalQuelques renseignements relatifs à la collection numismatique de Charles de Lorraine et liste des personnes auxquelles, après sa mort, fut envoyé le catalogue de sa collection
Callataÿ 2013a2013proceedingsThe numismatic interests of Laevinus Torrentius (1525-1595), one of the foremost humanists of his time

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