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Christian Edmond Dekesel

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Correspondence of Christian Edmond Dekesel
Christian Edmond Dekesel
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Last nameLast name of the person. Dekesel
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Currently, no birth place is known for Christian Edmond Dekesel...
Primary literatureYearYear of the literature reference TypeLiterature type (book, journal, etc.) TitleTitel of the book.
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Secondary literatureYearYear of the literature reference TypeLiterature type (book, journal, etc.) TitleTitel of the book.
Berghaus 1995a1995proceedingsNumismatische Literatur 1500-1864. Die Entwicklung der Methoden einer Wissenschaft
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Woytek - Williams 20222022proceedingsArs critica numaria. Joseph Eckhel (1737-1798) and the Transformation of Ancient Numismatics

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