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Pierre Bayle

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Correspondence of Pierre Bayle
Pierre Bayle
FINA IDUnique ID of the page  1533
First nameFirst name(s) of the person. Pierre
Last nameLast name of the person. Bayle
Also known asAlternative names.
WikidataIDWikidata ID Q214816
Birth dateBirth date: day - month - year. November 18, 1647
Birth placePlace of birth of the person Carla-Bayle 43° 9' 6.44" N, 1° 23' 29.26" E
Death dateDeath date: day - month - year. December 28, 1706
Death placePlace of death of the person Rotterdam 51° 55' 22.40" N, 4° 27' 47.45" E
KeywordKeywords for the person Philosopher, Writer, Lexicographer
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Pierre Bayle
Further imagesFurther images of the person. File:Bayle, Pierre 2.jpg, File:Bayle, Pierre 3.jpg, File:Bayle, Pierre 4.jpg, File:Bayle, Pierre 5.jpg

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Secondary literatureYearYear of the literature reference TypeLiterature type (book, journal, etc.) TitleTitel of the book.
Gigas 18901890monographLettres inédites de divers savants de la fin du XVIIme et du commencement du XVIIIme. Tome I. Correspondance de Pierre Bayle
Pierre Bayle - Vincent Minutoli - 1674-4Correspondence
Pierre Bayle - Jacques Basnage de Beauval - 1675-4Correspondence
Henri Justel - Pierre Bayle - 1684-3-3Correspondence
Jean Le Clerc - Pierre Bayle - 1684-6-3Correspondence
Fançois-Michel Janiçon - Pierre Bayle - 1684-11-27Correspondence
François-Michel Janiçon - Pierre Bayle - 1684-11-27Correspondence
Jacob Spon - Pierre Bayle - 1685-1-31Correspondence
Pierre Rainssant - Pierre Bayle - 1685-2-20Correspondence
Pierre Bayle - Jacob Spon 1685-3-16Correspondence
Pierre Bayle - Pierre Salbert de Marcilly - 1685-7-27Correspondence
Pierre Rainssant - Pierre Bayle - 1686-2-5Correspondence
Vincent Minutoli - Pierre Bayle - 1686-2-15Correspondence
Charles-César Baudelot de Dairval - Pierre Bayle - 1686-8-31Correspondence
Pierre Bayle - Claude Nicaise - 1687-2-6Correspondence
Pierre Bayle - Claude Nicaise - 1690-7-6Correspondence
Daniel de Larroque - Pierre Bayle - 1690-12-16Correspondence
Daniel de Larroque - Pierre Bayle - 1691-3-5Correspondence
Pierre Bayle - Jacques Du Rondel - 1692-5-5Correspondence
Pierre Bayle - Vincent Minutoli - 1692-8-28Correspondence
Pierre Bayle - Claude Nicaise - 1693-9-17Correspondence
Claude Nicaise - Pierre Bayle - 1694-6-26Correspondence
Pierre Bayle - François Pinsson des Riolles - 1694-11-18Correspondence
Jean-Baptiste Du Bos - Pierre Bayle - 1695-12-19Correspondence
Pierre Bayle - Claude Nicaise - 1695-12-19Correspondence
Jean-Baptiste Du Bos - Pierre Bayle - 1696-2-10Correspondence
Jean-Baptiste Du Bos - Pierre Bayle - 1696-4-27Correspondence
Jean-Baptiste Du Bos - Pierre Bayle - 1696-6-25Correspondence
Jean-Baptiste Du Bos - Pierre Bayle - 1696-8-10Correspondence
Pierre Bayle - Jean-Baptiste Du Bos - 1696-9-3Correspondence
Jean-Baptiste Du Bos - Pierre Bayle - 1699-2-26Correspondence