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A list of all pages that have property "TitleTitel of the book." with value "Angeloni, Francesco". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • Bellotti 1722d  + (Altra dissertazione sopra una medaglia di Scipione)
  • Zapperi 1960  + (Amico, Vito Maria)
  • Payne Knight 1791  + (An Analytical Essay on the Greek Alphabet)
  • Swinton 1763a  + (An Attempt to Explain a Punic Inscription, Lately Discovered in the Island of Malta)
  • Swinton 1767  + (An Attempt to Interpret the Legend and Inscription of a Very Curious Phoenician Medal, Never Hitherto Explained)
  • Dolley - Strudwick 1954  + (An Early Seventeenth-Century Collection of Anglo-Saxon Coins)
  • Swinton 1754b  + (An Explication of All the Inscriptions in the Palmyrene Language and Character Hitherto Published. In Five Letters From the Reverend Mr. John Swinton)
  • Gros de Boze 1752  + (An abstract of discourse, intitled, Reflexions on the medals of Pescennius Niger, &c)
  • Beaven 2009  + (An ardent Patron. Cardinal Camillo Massimo and his antiquarian and artistic circle)
  • Burnett 2018  + (An aureus of Allectus with a remarkable pedigree)
  • Meer 1994  + (An early seventeenth-century inventory of Cotton's Anglo-Saxon coins)
  • Pinkerton 1785  + (An essay on medals. Or, an Introduction to the Knowledge of Ancient and Modern Coins and Medals; Especially Those of Greece, Rome, and Britain)
  • Pegge 1766  + (An essay on the coins of Cunobelin)
  • Chifflet 1655  + (Anastasis Childerici I, Francorum regis illustrata, sive thesaurus sepulchralis Tornaci Nerviorum effossus, et commentario illustratus)
  • Cunnally 1994  + (Ancient Coins as Gifts and Tokens of Friendship during the Renaissance)
  • Minc 1985  + (Ancient Jewish coins in the correspondence between John Locke and Nicolas Toinard)
  • Acciarino 2016  + (Ancient Roman Colonial Coins in Renaissance Europe)
  • Napolitano 2020  + (Ancient coins and the use of Greek history in Sicilia et Magna Graecia by Hubertus Gotlzius (1526-1583))
  • Momigliano 1950  + (Ancient history and the antiquarians)
  • Simonetta - Riva 1983  + (Ancora sull’aquiletta Gonzaga e non Estense)
  • Weiss 1959  + (Andrea Fulvio antiquario romano (c. 1470-1527))
  • Calabi Limentani 1969  + (Andrea Fulvio, alter homo doctus autore degli Epigrammata antique urbis?)
  • Pagan 1994  + (Andreas Fountaine Eques Auratus A.A.A.F III VIR)
  • Heres 1989  + (Anfänge archäologischer Fragestellung in Johann Carl Schotts ungedruckter Beschreibung des Berliner Antikenkabinetts)
  • Gorini 1981  + (Angelo Bottari numismatico)