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William Nicolson - 1704-11-4

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William Nicolson - 1704-11-4
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AuthorAuthor of the document. William Nicolson
Associated personsNames of Persons who are mentioned in the annotation. Andrew Fountaine
Publication dateDate when the publication was issued: day - month - year . November 4, 1704
KeywordNumismatic Keywords  saxon, book
LiteratureReference to literature. Jones - Holmes 1985, p. 2191
LanguageLanguage of the correspondence English
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Diary fo William Nicolson, 4 November 1704: "After Dinner, I visitted the Bishop of Norwich; who cautioned me against too great Freedome in the Company of Sir A. Fountain (a bigotted Creature of the Dean of Christ Church) who, that minute, left his Treatise of Coins for me at my Lodgeings" (Jones and Holmes, Diaries of William Nicolson, p. 219; Burnett 2020b, p. 1606).

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  1. ^  Jones, Clyve and Holmes, Geoffrey (1985), The London Diaries of William Nicolson, Bishop of Carlisle, 1702-1718, Oxford.