Bernard de Montfaucon - Guillaume-Pascal de Crassier - 1726-5-6

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Bernard de Montfaucon, Paris

Bernard de Montfaucon - Guillaume-Pascal de Crassier - 1726-5-6
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InstitutionName of Institution.
InventoryInventory number.
AuthorAuthor of the document. Bernard de Montfaucon
RecipientRecipient of the correspondence. Guillaume-Pascal de Crassier
Correspondence dateDate when the correspondence was written: day - month - year . May 6, 1726
PlacePlace of publication of the book, composition of the document or institution. Paris 48° 51' 23.80" N, 2° 21' 5.40" E
Associated personsNames of Persons who are mentioned in the annotation.
LiteratureReference to literature. Capitaine 1855, no. 34Capitaine 1855, Callataÿ 2017, p. 88, n° 54.Callataÿ 2017
KeywordNumismatic Keywords  Casts , Book
LanguageLanguage of the correspondence French
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Grand documentOriginal passage from the "Grand document".

6 May 1726 (from Paris): “Les trois médailles que vous m’avez envoyées moulées en argent, auront aussi place dans mon grand recueil de monnaies qui augmente tous les jours” (Capitaine 1855, no. 34).

RemarksRemarks regarding the annotation. (fr)