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Cosimo I de' Medici

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Correspondence of Cosimo I de' Medici
Cosimo I de' Medici
FINA IDUnique ID of the page  8157
First nameFirst name(s) of the person. Cosimo I
Last nameLast name of the person. de' Medici
Also known asAlternative names.
WikidataIDWikidata ID
Birth dateBirth date: day - month - year. June 12, 1519 JL
Birth placePlace of birth of the person Florence 43° 46' 11.53" N, 11° 15' 20.09" E
Death dateDeath date: day - month - year. April 21, 1574 JL
Death placePlace of death of the person Villa di Castello 43° 48' 42.44" N, 11° 13' 59.38" E
KeywordKeywords for the person Nobility, Duke, Grand duke, Collector
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Cosimo I de' Medici
Further imagesFurther images of the person. File:Medici, Cosimo I 3.jpg, File:Medici, Cosimo I, by Jacopo Carucci (called Pontormo).jpg

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Secondary literatureYearYear of the literature reference TypeLiterature type (book, journal, etc.) TitleTitel of the book.
Barocchi - Gaeta Bertelà 19931993monographCollezionismo mediceo. Cosimo I, Francesco I e il Cardinale Ferdinando. Documenti 1540-1587
Williams 20092009journalThe coins of Pontus, Paphlagonia and Bithynia in the collection of the Archaeological Museum in Florence
Galdy 20092009monographCosimo I de’ Medici as Collector. Antiquities and Archaeology in Sixteenth- Century Florence
Williams 20212021journalThe Coins of Mysia in the Collection of the Archaeological Museum in Florence
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