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Hendrik Cannegieter - Jacques-Philippe d'Orville - 1746-12-1

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Hendrik Cannegieter - Jacques-Philippe d'Orville - 1746-12-1
FINA IDUnique ID of the page  2274
InstitutionName of Institution. Oxford, Bodleian Library
InventoryInventory number. MS D’Orville 495, f° 126-127
AuthorAuthor of the document. Hendrik Cannegieter
RecipientRecipient of the correspondence. Jacques-Philippe d'Orville
Correspondence dateDate when the correspondence was written: day - month - year . December 1, 1746
PlacePlace of publication of the book, composition of the document or institution. Arnhem 52° 0' 20.38" N, 5° 52' 34.43" E
Associated personsNames of Persons who are mentioned in the annotation. Frederic count of Thoms
LiteratureReference to literature.
KeywordNumismatic Keywords  contorniates, roman, dissertation
LanguageLanguage of the correspondence Latin
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Grand documentOriginal passage from the "Grand document".

Lettre du 1 décembre 1746 (d’Arnhem): He bemoans the handicap he labours under and his thwarted efforts in his benighted district; booksellers refusing to undertake anything in Latin, of which he gives examples, e.g., his commissioned work on a new edition of Feltmann’s work, and his treatise on the «nummi contorniati». Count Thomsius has written asking me for my opinion of his publication on a certain (undecipherable) coin. [ [A difficult intricate letter]. ] (Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS D’Orville 495, f° 126-127).