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Jean-Baptiste Du Bos - Nicolas Thoynard - 1695-12-18

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Jean-Baptiste Du Bos - Nicolas Thoynard - 1695-12-18
FINA IDUnique ID of the page  1759
InstitutionName of Institution. Paris, Bibliothèque nationale de France
InventoryInventory number. Mss. N. Acq. Fran. 560, f° 211
AuthorAuthor of the document. Jean-Baptiste Du Bos
RecipientRecipient of the correspondence. Nicolas Thoynard
Correspondence dateDate when the correspondence was written: day - month - year . December 18, 1695
PlacePlace of publication of the book, composition of the document or institution. Beauvais 49° 25' 48.36" N, 2° 4' 56.42" E
Associated personsNames of Persons who are mentioned in the annotation. Ezechiel Spanheim, Andreas Morell, Enrico Noris
LiteratureReference to literature. Dubos 16951
KeywordNumismatic Keywords  book
LanguageLanguage of the correspondence French
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Grand documentOriginal passage from the "Grand document".

Lettre du 18 septembre 1695 (de Beauvais) : informe Thoynard qu’il a fait distribuer par son éditeur des quatre Gordiens des exemplaires aux grands noms de la numismatique : Spanheim, Morell, Noris (Paris, BnF, Mss. N. Acq. Fran. 560, f° 211 ; Sarmant 2003, p. 135, note 136).

Bibliothèque nationale de France


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