Nicholas Throckmorton - Elizabeth I of England - 1561-9-26

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Nicholas Throckmorton, Paris

Nicholas Throckmorton - Elizabeth I of England - 1561-9-26
FINA IDUnique ID of the page  2366
InstitutionName of Institution. Kew, The National Archives
InventoryInventory number. SP70/30, ff.101-4, at 104r
AuthorAuthor of the document. Nicholas Throckmorton
RecipientRecipient of the correspondence. Elizabeth I of England
Correspondence dateDate when the correspondence was written: day - month - year . September 26, 1561 JL
PlacePlace of publication of the book, composition of the document or institution. Paris 48° 51' 23.80" N, 2° 21' 5.40" E
Associated personsNames of Persons who are mentioned in the annotation. John Somer, Angelos Vergikios
LiteratureReference to literature. Burnett 20201
KeywordNumismatic Keywords  Roman , Price
LanguageLanguage of the correspondence English
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Grand documentOriginal passage from the "Grand document".

-Lettre du 26 septembre 1561 (de Paris) : « I sent your Mate by Mr Somer your servaunt lately the Images of the xij Emperours, being recommended to yor Mate, to Mr Secretarie and to me, as medalles of greate antiquitie by Vergetius, who told me that he had com’ission of yor Mate to make searche for suche thinges. What I could learne of the trueth of their Antiquytie and Veritie, at the Dispatche of Mr Somers, I sent your Mate by him. Since whiche tyme I have used the beaste meanes I could by some Italians experte in the knowledge of these thinges and by other of my acquayntaunce to know the trueth of the Antiquytie of these Images. And so farre as I can lerne they do greatlie suspect them to be counterfeit and made in this tyme. Of this I thought good to advertise your Mate that youe may procede therin as shall stande wt your pleasure. Humblye desyring your Mate to have in consideration and remembrance that I stand bounden to a merchaunt of this towne, either to delyver him the said Images agayne, in as good state as they were delyvered me or six hundred crownes of the Sonne wthin two months after the date of the delyverey, which was the xixth of Septembre » (Kew, The National Archives, SP70/30, ff.101-4, at 104r; voir Burnett 2020).


  1. ^  Burnett, A.M. (2020), "Queen Elizabeth and the Twelve Caesars," in F. de Callataÿ (ed.), Numismatic antiquarianism through correspondence (16th-18th c.), New York (to appear).