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Pirro Ligorio

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Correspondence of Pirro Ligorio
Pirro Ligorio
FINA IDUnique ID of the page  973
First nameFirst name(s) of the person. Pirro
Last nameLast name of the person. Ligorio
Also known asAlternative names.
WikidataIDWikidata ID
Birth dateBirth date: day - month - year. 1512 JL
Birth placePlace of birth of the person Naples 40° 50' 9.35" N, 14° 14' 55.61" E
Death dateDeath date: day - month - year. October 30, 1583
Death placePlace of death of the person Ferrara 44° 50' 14.17" N, 11° 37' 7.14" E
KeywordKeywords for the person Architect, Painter, Archaeologist, Antiquary
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Pirro Ligorio
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Antonio Agustin - Fulvio Orsini - 1567-2-10Correspondence
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Matteo Egizio - Antonio Francesco Gori - 1735-6-14Correspondence
Charles de Brosses - Jacques-Philippe Fyot de la Marche-Neuilly - 1740-3-30Correspondence
Juan Andrés - Carlos Andrés - 1791-10-27Correspondence




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