D’Ewes, Simonds - Notes on Roman Republican coins

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Simonds D’Ewes

D’Ewes, Simonds - Notes on Roman Republican coins
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TitleTitel of the book. Notes on Roman Republican coins
InstitutionName of Institution. London, British Library
InventoryInventory number. Harley MS 254, ff.25-30
AuthorAuthor of the document. Simonds D’Ewes
Publication dateDate when the publication was issued: day - month - year .
PlacePlace of publication of the book, composition of the document or institution.
Associated personsNames of Persons who are mentioned in the annotation.
KeywordNumismatic Keywords  Roman , Roman Republican
LiteratureReference to literature. Burnett 2020b, pp. 515, 517-181
LanguageLanguage of the correspondence Latin
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Grand documentOriginal passage from the "Grand document".

'ff.25r–26v: no title. A list of families, accompanied by abbreviations for the relevant metals, gold, silver and bronze (AV, AR, AE), written in besides. The abbreviations often have numerals next to them, and only in those cases does it seem that D’Ewes had a specimen. Some of the numbers of specimens have been changed, often illegibly so, in such a way that it is uncertain how many coins D’Ewes had. The list ends with the comment ‘Familiae numerantur 164 166, quarum Me penes 112 126. Desunt mihi 42 40.’ Like the changes to the numerals, this shows that the list was updated on one occasion after its original drafting. The two families which were added were Betiliena and Sertoria, as one can see from the way they have been squeezed into the list.

f.27r: no title. A single page, but with only a few families at the start of the alphabet. Probably the beginning of a neater copy of the above.

ff. 28r–30v: no title. A neater copy of ff.25r-26v. But some of the totals are lower than in that case, suggesting that the former, rather than this neater list, was used as the ‘master-list’ for updating.'

(Burnett 2020b, pp. 517-18)

RemarksRemarks regarding the annotation. (en)

BL, Harley MS 255, ff.52r-53v appears to be a copy of this listing. (en)


  1. ^  Burnett, Andrew M. (2020), The Hidden Treasures of this Happy Land. A History of Numismatics in Britain from the Renaissance to the Enlightenment, BNS Special Publ. No 14 = RNS Special Publ. No 58, London, Spink & Son.