London, British Library

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London, United Kingdom

London, British Library
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PlacePlace of publication of the book, composition of the document or institution. London
Country United Kingdom
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Abraham Hill - Hans Sloane - 1706-02-06Correspondence
Abraham Ortelius - William Camden - 1588-11-25Correspondence
Ainsworth 1719-1720 by Thomas BirchAnnotated Printed Books
Andreas Morell - Andrew Fountaine - 1702-9-20Correspondence
Andreas Morell - Hans Sloane - 1699-12-18Correspondence
Andrew Fountaine - Edward Thwaites - 1701/1702-2-23Correspondence
Andrew Fountaine - Hans Sloane - 1703/4-01-20Correspondence
Andrew Fountaine - John Covel - 1701-3-12Correspondence
Andrew Fountaine - John Covel - 1701-7-9Correspondence
Anne D'Ewes - Humfrey Wanley - 1705-08-03Correspondence
Anonymous - Catalogue of Lady Carteret - BL, Sloane MS 3407, ff.112-14Catalogues of Numismatic Collections
Anonymous - Impp: Romanorum antiquisima rarissima nec non varia singulorum Caesarum numismata, a Julio Caesare ad Heraclium, quae Abrahamus Gorlaeus collegit, et haeredes possidentCatalogues of Numismatic Collections
Anonymous - Rec'ed from Docter Trumbull ye following Medalls in EsteemeCatalogues of Numismatic Collections
Anthony Tuckney - Simonds D'Ewes - 1649-04-25Correspondence
Anthony Tuckney - Simonds D'Ewes - 1649-05-18 (b)Correspondence
Anthony Tuckney - Simonds D'Ewes - 1649-07-02Correspondence
Arthur Charlett - Hans Sloane - 1716-07-12Correspondence
Arthur Charlett - Humfrey Wanley - 1720-10-31Correspondence
Bainbrigg, Reginald - Notes on antiquities in Northumberland, Cumberland, Westmoreland, and DurhamManuscripts of Unpublished Works
Bernardo Sterbini - Conyers Middleton - 1732-11-14Correspondence
Bernardo Sterbini - Conyers Middleton - 1732-11-27Correspondence
Bernardo Sterbini - Conyers Middleton - 1733-7-4Correspondence
Bolton, Edmund - Notes on Tiberius and NeroManuscripts of Unpublished Works
Bonaventura Vulcanius - Janus Dousa - 1594-10-13Correspondence
Browne, Thomas - Notes on Medals - London, British Library - Sloane MS 1882Manuscripts of Unpublished Works
Catalogue des medailles antiques qui se trouvent dans le Cabinet des Srs Jean Antoine & André Rose frères d’AlepCatalogues of Numismatic Collections
Catalogue of a Collection of Roman Coins, gathered in Spain, & bought by Sr H.S.Catalogues of Numismatic Collections
Catalogue of Mr Will. Clayton’s Greek Coins - London, British Library - Harley MS 6941, ff.35-9Catalogues of Numismatic Collections
Catalogue of Mr Will. Clayton’s Greek Coins - London, British Library - Harley MS 6941, ff.35–9Catalogues of Numismatic Collections
Catalogue of the Lady Carteret - London, British Library - Sloane MS 3407, ff.111-14Catalogues of Numismatic Collections
Charles Christian - Humfrey Wanley - 1719-11-19Correspondence
Charles Christian - Humfrey Wanley - 1719-12-10Correspondence
Charles Ellis - John Covel - 1699-10-09Correspondence
Charles Hill - Humfrey Wanley 1694-04-02Correspondence
Charles King - Humfrey Wanley 1692-11-02Correspondence
Charles Preston - Hans Sloane - 1702-05-02Correspondence
Charles-César Baudelot de Dairval - Pierre Bayle - 1686-8-31Correspondence
Christian Schlegel - Andrew Fountaine - 1701-11-1Correspondence
Christopher Hildyard - John Thoresby - 1667-08-17Correspondence
Claude Génébrier - Hans Sloane - 1725-08-14Correspondence
Collectiones Dni Gul. Dugdale, de Monetae alteratione, manu sua propria scriptae - London, British Library - Harley MS 660Catalogues of Numismatic Collections
Conyers Middelton - Francesco de' Ficoroni - 1726-8-16Correspondence
Cotton, Robert Bruce - A not of such Books and Bundells of paper in the Lower study that are not inserted in the CatalogyCatalogues of Numismatic Collections
Cotton, Robert Bruce - Numismatvm Impp: Romanorvm Regum Britonum Saxonum et Anglor' a Iulio Caesare ad Iacobum Magnae Brittanniae Regem quae in Bibliotheca Cottoniana Extant Exemplaria. 1617Catalogues of Numismatic Collections
Courten, William - A Catalogue of my Consular Medals in Boxs No. Anno Dni 1695Catalogues of Numismatic Collections
Courten, William - A catalogue of ye medals & Coines that were in Mr Bohun’s CabinetCatalogues of Numismatic Collections
Courten, William - A list of medals to exchange, 2 July 1698 - London, British Library - Sloane MS 3961, ff.91-2Catalogues of Numismatic Collections
Courten, William - A list of Roman emperors and empresses from Augustus to Nerva, with notes on rarity of the coins of each of themManuscripts of Unpublished Works
Courten, William - Catalogo dj quellj Curiosità chj venivano Allj miej manj Nel Anno 1667 - BL, Sloane MS 3988, ff.2-10Catalogues of Numismatic Collections
Courten, William - Coines and meddalls Bought since 1670 - London, British Library - Sloane MS 3988, ff.17-22Catalogues of Numismatic Collections
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