Van der Doort, Abraham - Catalogue of the Collections of Charles I - Windsor MS

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Abraham van der Doort, Windsor, 1639

Van der Doort, Abraham - Catalogue of the Collections of Charles I - Windsor MS
FINA IDUnique ID of the page  15323
TitleTitel of the book. Catalogue of the Collections of Charles I
InstitutionName of Institution. Windsor, Royal Library
PlacePlace of publication of the book, composition of the document or institution. Windsor 51° 29' 1.64" N, 0° 36' 14.55" W
InventoryInventory number. Cabinet Room, RCIN 1047433
AuthorAuthor of the document. Abraham van der Doort
Catalogue dateDate when the catalogue was issued: day - month - year . 1639
LanguageLanguage of the correspondence English
Associated personsNames of Persons who are mentioned in the annotation. Charles I of England, Henry Stuart prince of Wales, Thomas Howard, Henry Fanshawe, Thomas Chaloner, Inigo Jones, David Murray, Thomas Carey
LiteratureReference to literature. Millar 19601, Burnett 2020b, pp. 318-19, 14172
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KeywordNumismatic Keywords  British Royal Collection
Grand documentOriginal passage from the "Grand document".

MS contains this account of van der Doort's tenure as keeper of the royal collection (not to be found in the principal MS, MS Ashmole 1514):

'hir volwit de buck auff al suz de kings
medalis als ar Eij tak opan mij Oat dat ar al so [?mni] als Eij kan knuw til als it til
dis tijm effer komm tu mij hands vram de king or ani oders War d[ ] Wrauff
som ar giffen de king and some koletit
bij his servant vander doort werauff
de partukulers auff al her volwing specifijet als volwit dat Wer prins hinri and sins aur king Wijlst hi was prins and nauW [ ]
te prinses medallins ar als it neffer diliffrt or kom tu mij hands als Eij
Was differs tijm did Exspetit but vram tijm tu tijm stil dilijt
als in prinz hijris tijm als Eij hauff understud hauff bin
baeht Wer Wit mulort arondel sor hnri vancherch sor tomas chalinyer
Mijst sorffijer has been taking and vuwing de sam and nombring but te kost
and kipin terauff did remijns in sor daffi moris hants and onder him
his deputij mister vlamingck hauff bin horelt op and ar gudt knws
hau vram sor daffi muri tu Mister flaming vram mister flaming to his [?man] and [?ten tu] qin ann and har saffants Mist jan schirleys vrum dem tu
giffen tu de king Wijlt hi Was prinz vrum de prinz War de kases gate de kes
in mister tomas karis hands [tu?] de king sins he Was prinz
de king komandit tu diliffer tem tu mi but M tomas kari Wold neffr
du it or dipart from dm but anzwert de king uns in mij presenz Wrat [ ] Eij diliffertem
in a [?lomp ]. War Eij hering his onwillingnis tu dipart and Eij susp [ ]
dat mani trauff War schartrt abaut Eij was not vari import[unate]
and Was niffer an ernest suter vordem bekus Eij porsefft
dat de sam sijd M tomus kari Was vari onwilling tu dip[?art]
vramdm tu mi but Wold rader dat ani otr sud hauff tem
dat dipendit frum him or ond under him or at lest auff him or hi Wold kip tem himselff
als Eij persefft bij tis War hi kiptem inde schulchamer ind
lutel rum War hi Wold kum insefferl persons tu feuw
and shauw tem als partlij Eij [?my]selff se dat he shut de schul shamer Wen hi knuw Eij was inde haus dat Eij maeht not si dem or know [?him]
hi Wold [ ] tem tu [ ] tu du Wit als Mist jan [?karings] mistrus k[?arelij] and odr [ ] and mor tu mi onknwn his Wold bring tu dem and [?den]
sins bij [ ] Wan de shulchamer ande lutal rom Was tu bi
foijt vorde king childer hi gut te ke and luk at Wijthal tu bi sut [?new] and
bij de priffi lossing kipers and had dem remufft vram san
jamsus [?said] lutle rom [?in] de sculchamr tu Wijthal bij his [?fut
man] and suzlijck his serffants and den aldewijl aufftrward
kip te him in his kiping and ramufftum in his chmr Wr his Wijff
and [?son] and odr his ajantis had da [?viewing and fingering] terauff
but W[en] Eij kam [der] War horelt awa and [?hidden] vrum mi and sins hauff
vand abaut da tijm hauff Eij vand big [?bagg] sel in de goldsmit
shops tu sel bij [?de aunses] silffer ons vor a [?nobel de auns] Wij
[?Wen] Was tu prokur moni tu bij [?tem Wen] Eij kame Wer al baeht
op so dat it Was vari lijcklij and braabel dat mani are dispost
and [?dismissed] so dat Eij not odrwijs disijr tu [ ] but
bij Wijeht and nomber bakus de hauff bin in so manu [hand] opan dem horelt.'
(Windson, Royal Library, Cabient Room RCIN 1047433, f.145; Millar 1960, pp. 155-6; Burnett 2020b, p. 1417)

Modern English version from Burnett 2020b, p. 319:

'[Here follows the book of all such of King’s medals as are. I take openly my oath that are all so [?many] as I can know till all as until this time have ever come to my hands from the King or any others were d[ ], whereof some were given to the king and some collected by his servant Van den Doort whereof the particulars of all here following, specified as follows which were Prince Henry’s and since our King was prince and now [ ]. The Prince’s medallions were never delivered or came to my hands as I had diverse times expected, but from time to time still delayed, as in Prince Henry’s time as I have understood have been bought were with my lord Arundel, Sir Henry Fanshawe, Sir Thomas Chaloner. Mister Surveyor [= Inigo Jones] has been taking and viewing the same and numbering but the cost and keeping thereof did remain in Sir Davy Murray’s hands and under him his deputy Mister Fleming have been hoarded (?)70 up and are God knows how from Sir Davy Murray to Mister Fleming from Mister Fleming to his [man?] and [then to?] Queen Anne and her servant Mister John Sherley from them two given to the king while he was Prince from the Prince were the cases got the keys in Mister Thomas Carey’s hands [?to] the king since he was Prince. The King commanded to deliver them to me but Mr Thomas Carey would never do it or depart from them but answered the king once in my presence what [ ] I deliver them in a [?lump]? Where I, hearing his unwillingness to depart and I susp[?ected] that many thereof were scattered about, I was not very importunate and was never an earnest suitor for them because I perceived that the same Mr Thomas Carey was very unwilling to depart from them to me, but would rather that any other should have them that depended from him or under him or at least of him or he would keep them himself. As I perceived from this where he kept them in the schoolchamber in the little room where he would come in several persons to view and show them as partlie I myself see that he shut the school chamber when he knew that I was in the house that I might not see them or know [?them]. He would [?show] them to [ ] to du Wit, as Mr John Carey’s mistress C[?arey] and other [ ] and more to me unknown he would bring to them and [?then] since by [ ]. When the schoolchamber and little room was to be void for the king’s children he got the key and lock at Whitehall to be set [?new] and by the privy lodging keepers, and had them removed from St James’s [?said] little room [/in] the schoolchamber to Whitehall by his [?footman] and suchlike his servants and then all the while afterward keep to him in his keeping and remove them in his chamber where his wife and son and other his agents had the [?viewing and fingering] thereof. But when I came [?they] were hoarded away and [?hidden] from me and since have found about the time have I found by [?bags] sold in the goldsmiths’ shops, to sell by [?the ounce] silver ones for a [?noble an ounce] weight, when was to procure money to buy. [?The when] I came were all bought up so that it was very likely and probable that many are disposed and [?dismissed], so that I not otherwise desire to [ ], but by weight and number because they have been in so many [?hands] openly then hoarded.]'

RemarksRemarks regarding the annotation. (en)

Millar 1960, p. 155 ascribes the extract about van der Doort to f.145 of the Windsor MS, but the digitised version of the MS does not have a f.145. Burnett follows Millar. (en)


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