Thomas Hearne

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 * July 1678 White Waltham, † 1735/06/10, Oxford. Librarian; Historian; Antiquarian; Librarian

Correspondence of Thomas Hearne
Thomas Hearne
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First nameFirst name(s) of the person. Thomas
Last nameLast name of the person. Hearne
Also known asAlternative names.
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Birth dateBirth date: day - month - year. July 1678
Birth placePlace of birth of the person White Waltham 51° 29' 27.24" N, 0° 46' 6.06" W
Death dateDeath date: day - month - year. June 10, 1735
Death placePlace of death of the person Oxford 51° 45' 7.24" N, 1° 15' 28.26" W
KeywordKeywords for the person Librarian , Historian , Antiquarian , Librarian
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Thomas Hearne
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Primary literatureYearYear of the literature reference TypeLiterature type (book, journal, etc.) TitleTitel of the book.
Hearne 17101710monographThe Itinerary of John Leland the Antiquary, Volume 1
Hearne 17201720monographA collection of curious discourses: written by eminent antiquaries upon several heads in our English antiquities
Author of Catalogues of Numismatic Collections
PageCatalogue dateDate when the catalogue was issued: day - month - year .
Hearne, Thomas - Catalogue of Roman Republican coins in Bodleian Library15 August 1709
Hearne, Thomas - Curious English, French &c Medals & coyns in the Archives of the Publick Library
Hearne, Thomas - Listings of coins in the Bodleian Library
Author of Correspondence
PageCorrespondence dateDate when the correspondence was written: day - month - year .
Thomas Hearne - Arthur Charlett - 1714-06-2121 June 1714
Thomas Hearne - Benedict Calvert - 1722-07-1212 July 1722
Thomas Hearne - Edward Burton - 1716-08-1111 August 1716
Thomas Hearne - George Ballard - 1731-04-2121 April 1731
Thomas Hearne - Hans Sloane - 1725-11-1616 November 1725
Thomas Hearne - James West - 1727-04-2828 April 1727
Thomas Hearne - John Murray - 1725-10-055 October 1725
Thomas Hearne - John Murray - 1725-11-1414 November 1725
Thomas Hearne - John Murray - 1726-02-055 February 1726
Thomas Hearne - John Murray - 1732-07-1313 July 1732
... further results
Recipient of Correspondence
PageCorrespondence dateDate when the correspondence was written: day - month - year .
Andrew Fountaine - Thomas Hearne - 1709-4-2121 April 1709
Benedict Leonard Calvert - Thomas Hearne - 1719-1-2424 January 1719
Benedict Leonard Calvert - Thomas Hearne - 1719-2-44 February 1719
Benedict Leonard Calvert - Thomas Hearne - 1720-1-1717 January 1720
Benedict Leonard Calvert - Thomas Hearne - 1723-9-33 September 1723
Edward Harley - Thomas Hearne - 1732-08-2323 August 1732
George Ballard - Thomas Hearne - 1731-04-077 April 1731
Henry Dodwell - Thomas Hearne - 1706-1-55 January 1706
Henry Topping - Thomas Hearne - 1708/9-01-1010 January 1709
Henry Topping - Thomas Hearne - 1717-07-1919 July 1717
... further results
Author of Diaries
PagePublication dateDate when the publication was issued: day - month - year .
Thomas Hearne - 1705-08-055 August 1705
Thomas Hearne - 1705-08-1818 August 1705
Thomas Hearne - 1705-09-022 September 1705
Thomas Hearne - 1705-09-033 September 1705
Thomas Hearne - 1705-09-077 September 1705
Thomas Hearne - 1705-09-2222 September 1705
Thomas Hearne - 1705-11-1313 November 1705
Thomas Hearne - 1705-12-033 December 1705
Thomas Hearne - 1705-12-1919 December 1705
Thomas Hearne - 1705-12-2323 December 1705
... further results


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